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Team Shah Rukh Khan is an SRK Fan Club based out in India. Team Shah Rukh Khan Fan Club was founded on 16th January 2013. After that, there was no looking back, started with ZERO likes, and currently, Team Shah Rukh Khan is the World’s Biggest SRK Fan Club with more than 4 Million Followers on social media.

Team Shah Rukh Khan provides the latest news, pictures, videos and top-breaking headlines on entertainment, sports, and trending news about Shahrukh Khan, Kolkata Knight Riders, and everything related to SRK. Articles and news are aggregated from renowned sources from all over the world. More than 40 lakh fans are currently being served by us digitally.

Now, the SRK fan club, Team Shah Rukh Khan has developed the ultimate online social media platform that links SRK Fans from around the globe under one web. We are the ones that have an endless capacity for love. There can be no confusion regarding our dedication. Team Shah Rukh Khan is your one-stop destination for all the information you need about Shahrukh Khan.

You will see articles on the website(Team Shah Rukh Khan) mainly in English and other languages like Hindi. The articles on this site are generally of the following category:

  1. Blog
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What makes Team Shah Rukh Khan one of the best and biggest SRK fan club?

We (Team Shah Rukh Khan) have successfully completed 9 illustrious years as the biggest fan club of SRK in the globe with the utmost love and dedication.

We are making history by breaking the internet with real-time, timely news updates, among other things. Now, we are a family of 4 million online with the largest community page on Facebook with 4 million followers which is the first fan club to reach this mark of a million fans.

You can also follow us on Twitter, where we now have 17k+ followers, and Team Shah Rukh Khan is one of the most trending pages of Shahrukh Khan on Instagram, where we have 2.5 lakh followers. It’s the most worldwide famous Shahrukh Khan fan page in the social media

Fans are god for SRK as Shahrukh Khan always says that “Fans are the reason why I am Shahrukh khan today, fans love and blessings make me like the luckiest person on earth” and we are the best fans of Shahrukh Khan in India with 250+ active members and 100+ overseas active members. We don’t need a special occasion to celebrate Shah Rukh Khan‘s success or to spread his love.

Our beautiful members organize monthly charitable events, movie screenings, and much more for the love of SRK in India and overseas. We are glad about what we have accomplished so far as a fan club with 200+ social awareness campaigns and exciting events, also, with 500+ members we completed 9 years of Team Shah Rukh Khan.

8 Years Of Team SRK Gift To SRK - Land on the moon
Land on the moon for SRK - A Gift from Team Shah Rukh Khan Fan Club
Blood Donation Camp By Team Nepal
Blood Donation Camp by Team Shah Rukh Khan Members
Charity Work By Team Shah Rukh Khan Members
Team SRK Members Charity Work
Donate To Meer Campaign
Donate To Meer Campaign
SRK Fan Screening
SRK Fan Screening
SRK Birthday 2020 Mannat
SRK Birthday 2020 - Straight From Mannat
Team Kolkata Food Drive
Food Distribution Drive
Team Shah Rukh Khan Members at SRK Birthday Bash
Team Shah Rukh Khan Members at SRK Birthday Bash
Team SRK Bhubaneswar Welcomes King Khan
Team SRK Bhubaneswar Welcomes King Khan at Airport
Zero Movie Celebration by Team SRK Members
Zero Movie Celebration by Team Shah Rukh Khan Members

How to join Team Shah Rukh Khan?

Process of joining our SRK Fan Club:

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Join our SRK fan club by sending us a text to our official WhatsApp number+91-9987769830 with your name and city name.

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Our aim is to unite all SRK fans under one web.

Yes, this is our fandom and universe, the Team Shah Rukh Khan fan club is not only a fan club but we believe this is a family of SRKians.

Note: The articles on our website are posted by freelance content writers and full-time content writers.
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