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"It's incredible.
As I write a book and my main character is Shah Rukh Khan,
accompanying you(TSRK) is being wonderful."

Anne / Candon City, Philippines


"As a die-hard fan of SRK,
I had expectations from team srk to provide
all important details about SRK and they are rightly doing so.
I am connected with Team SRK and hopeful
of getting all the important news about SRK. Thanking you."

Titas / Kolkata, India


"Team Shah Rukh Khan Fan Club
Mera Sab Se Favourite Fan Club hai all over the world.
Meri to dil se Tamanah hai ke
main bhi Team Shah Rukh Khan Fan Club ka part banu.
You guys work so hard.
Keep it up."

Hassan / Karachi, Pakistan


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