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SRK Filmography
Chalte Chalte
Production Banner

Dreamz Unlimited ( Currently Red Chillies Entertainment )


Aziz Mirza, Shahrukh Khan, Juhi Chawla


Aziz Mirza


Rumi Jaffery, Pramod Sharma, Ashish Kariya


  1. Shahrukh Khan as Raj Mathur
  2. Rani Mukherjee as Priya Chopra
  3. Jas Arora as Sameer
  4. Satish Shah as Manubhai
  5. Lillete Dubey as Anna Mausi
  6. Johny Lever as Nandu
  7. Vishwajeet Pradhan as Raj's Friend
  8. Suresh Bhagwat as Dhobi
  9. Dinyar Tirandaz as Irani
  10. Rajeev Verma as Mr. Chopra
  11. Jayshree T as Mrs. Manubhai
  12. Suresh Menon as Shopkeeper
  13. Masood Akhtar as Paanwala
  14. Gagan Gupta as Tambi
  15. Sushmita Daan as Flower girl
  16. Arun Singh as Vegetable seller
  17. Akhtar Nawaz as Milkman
  18. Kamini Khanna as Female Plane passenger
  19. Bobby Darling as Friend
  20. Ashish Kapoor
  21. Aditya Pancholi as Hostile Businessman
  22. Jameel Khan as Traffic Policeman


Aadesh Shrivastava, Jatin - Lalit


Javed Akhtar


Abhijeet Bhattacharya, Alka Yagnik, Sukhwinder Singh, Sonu Nigam, Jayesh Gandhi, Udit Narayan, Preeti & Pinky

Screen Play

Aziz Mirza


Chalte Chalte

Release Date: 13 June 2003

Love Story

Verdict: Hit


Run Time: 2 hours and 47 minutes | 167 Mins

Chalte Chalte Synopsis:

Chalte Chalte is a story about A guy who pursues a girl who’s already engaged and finally gets married to her. Differences between the 2 result in a sour separation that threatens to damage their dating forever.

Raj and Priya come from distinct strata of society. While Raj owns a small-time shipping commercial enterprise, Priya belongs to the prosperous elegance and is on the street to turning into a well-known style designer. But whilst a risk comes upon bringing them together, they’re drawn in the direction of each other.

Raj has fallen for Priya however Priya is already engaged to marry her early life pal Sameer. Raj follows her all the manner to Greece to woo her.

During the adventure, Priya realizes that Raj is her genuine soulmate and makes a decision to marry him. But after 12 months in their marriage, matters aren’t pretty rosy because the once-lovestruck couple faces the cruel realities of marriage.

Raj runs into monetary issues and Priya borrows cash from Sameer without telling Raj. When Raj unearths out, all hell breaks unfastened and in an indignant manner, he accuses Priya of infidelity.

This is an excessive amount to take for Priya and she or he leaves their home. The story then comes with the question of their reunion.


  • Yaad rakhna ki duniya ke kisi kone mein ek aadmi hai joh bahut khush hai, kyun ki tum khush ho.
  • Agar main uthata toh tum jaag jaati, agar tum jaag jaati toh chali jaati, aur agar chali jaati toh main itna kareeb se tumhe kab dekhta.
  • Mujhe andhar aane ke liye mat kehna, tumhe na nahi keh paonga. andhar bhi nahi aa paonga.
  • Mujhe nahi malum business kaise hota hai, magar pyar toh aaise hi hota hai.
https://youtu.be/L98Yhy9wpvQ https://youtu.be/XdmEV0wr7Hc https://youtu.be/oYXW4-GtQSY https://youtu.be/10qdRtLVDS0 https://youtu.be/lZ0F9HFx82A https://youtu.be/h_IwDv8GAgo https://youtu.be/XVCtkRRTMp4

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Chalte Chalte