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SRK Filmography
Production Banner

Yash Raj Films


Yash Raj Films


Sidharth Anand


Siddharth Anand


  1. Shah Rukh Khan as Pathaan
  2. Deepika Padukone as Rubai
  3. John Abraham as Jim
  4. Dimple Kapadia as Nandini
  5. Ashutosh Rana as Colonel Luthra
  6. Salman Khan as Tiger (Cameo Appearance)
  7. Aakash Bhatija as Amol
  8. Prakash Belawadi as Dr. Sahani
  9. Viraf Patel as Rishi
  10. Shaji Chaudhary as Raza
  11. Diganta Hazarika as Joseph
  12. Rajat Kaul as Raafe
  13. Prem Jhangiani as Dr. Farooqui
  14. Grace Girdhar as Young Rubai
  15. Ashutosh Singh as Rubai's Father
  16. Amanpreet Hundal as Rubai's Mother
  17. Nikhat Khan as Older Sabba
  18. Bashir Lone as Older Salauddin Husseni
  19. Rumi Khan as Jim's Man
  20. Ekta Kaul as Shweta
  21. Manish Wadhwa as General Qadir
  22. Aritro Rudraneil Banerjee as New Recruit (as Aritro Banerjee)
  23. Amrita Mishra as Female Interrogator
  24. Jayna Ruchandani as Female Interrogator
  25. Karishma Singh as Female Interrogator
  26. Jeffrey Goldberg as Anton
  27. Mustafa Askari as Fayyed (as Mustafa Aksari)
  28. Rakesh Khatri as ATC Supervisor
  29. Amit Amit as Pak News Anchor
  30. Mansi Taxak as Jim's Wife
  31. Guneet Sharma as Qadir's Man
  32. Jairoop Jeevan as Doctor


Ankit Balhara (original background score) Sanchit Balhara (original background score) Vishal Dadlani music composer / (music) Shekhar Ravjiani music director / (music)




Cassandra Cavalli, Haricharan, Sukriti Kakar, Mithlesh Kaushik, Caralisa Monteiro, Shilpa Rao, Rabiul Rhmn, Sunitha Sarathy, Arijit Singh, Magdalena Supel, Krishan Verma

Screen Play

Shridhar Raghavan



Release Date: 25 January 2023


Verdict: All Time Blockbuster

BOX OFFICE COLLECTION - ₹10,13,93,75,000

Run Time: 2 hours and 26 Minutes | 146 Mins

Following India’s decision to abrogate Article 370 in 2019, “Pathan” comes across as a gripping spy thriller with geopolitical implications. The story begins with the consequences of this political move affecting cancer-stricken Pakistani Army General Qadir (Manish Wadhwa), who is driven by a desire for revenge against India. Given a grim prognosis of three years to live, Kadir makes a sinister deal with Jim (John Abraham), the mysterious leader of “Outfit X”, a secret private terrorist organization.

Simultaneously, the film introduces Pathaan (Shah Rukh Khan), a former RAW agent, and his senior officer Nandini Grewal (Dimple Kapadia). In response to evolving security threats, they establish the “Joint Operations and Covert Research” (JOCR) unit, designed to recruit former RAW agents forced into retirement due to trauma or injury. The team comprises skilled individuals, including Shweta Bajaj (Ekta Kaul), a hacker; Raza (Shaji Choudhary); Joseph Mathews (Diganta Hazarika), a sniper; Amol (Aakash Bhatija); and Rishi Arya (Viraf Patel), an intelligence analyst.

With the approval of RAW joint secretary Colonel Sunil Luthra (Ashutosh Rana), Pathaan and his team embark on a mission to Dubai to thwart Outfit X’s plans of attacking the President of India at a scientific conference. However, they soon realize that the true objective is the kidnapping of two scientists, Dr. Farooqui (Prem Jhangiani) and Dr. Sahani (Prakash Belawadi). The plot thickens as Outfit X misleads the Indian agencies, prompting Pathaan to change course and prioritize the rescue of the kidnapped scientists.

Tragically, the mission takes a toll with the loss of Rishi during a confrontation with Jim’s forces. In a debriefing session, Colonel Luthra unveils Jim’s unexpected connection to RAW, revealing him as a former agent and Kabir Dhaliwal’s partner. Jim, previously awarded the Vir Puraskar for bravery after a mission gone awry in Somalia, had faked his death as an act of vengeance against the agency and the country for failing to save his family from terrorists.

Amidst the escalating tension, Pathaan decodes the mysterious code-word “Raktbeej” and traces it to Moscow. This revelation sets the stage for an intriguing twist as he encounters Rubina “Rubai” Mohsin (Deepika Padukone), a Pakistani doctor with a hidden past. Despite initial distrust, Pathaan and Rubai form an alliance to investigate the enigmatic Raktbeej. As they delve into the mission, their relationship evolves into a complex blend of romance, trust, and betrayal.

Their journey takes a dark turn when Rubai, under Jim’s influence, betrays Pathan. Captured by Jim’s men in Spain, Pathan learns the true nature of the Raktabeej and the extent of Jim’s manipulations. However, Rubai turns against Jim’s forces, rescues Pathan, and reveals vital information about Raktabeej’s location.

The story shifts to Siberia, where the world’s most secure safe is Raktabeej. The stakes rise when Pathan and Rubai set out on a dangerous mission to steal a sphere containing the mutated smallpox virus. However, their success is short-lived as Rubai, under Jim’s influence, betrays Pathan once again, leading to her capture by the Russian authorities.

The story takes a three-year leap, revealing Pathan’s unexpected savior in the form of Avinash “Tiger” Singh Rathore (Salman Khan). Resuming his search for justice, Pathan goes to Africa, tracks down Jim’s henchman Rafe (Rajat Kaul) and pursues Rubai relentlessly. The intensity of the film increases as the characters face the increasing threat of a bloodbath and Jim’s insidious plans.

The climax is the pinnacle of action, suspense, and moral reckoning. Pathan and Rubai join forces to thwart Jim’s destructive intentions. Qadir died at the hands of Rubai, symbolizing the complex web of alliances and betrayals. Pathan, equipped with a jet-pack, engages in a high-stakes showdown with Jim, resulting in a brutal confrontation that determines the fate of millions.

The film ends with the resolution of the Raktabeej crisis, highlighting the sacrifices made to protect the nation. Pathan’s reinstatement in RAW and his appointment as chief of JOCR signal a return to order. Nandini was posthumously awarded the gallantry award for her bravery, reflecting the value of duty and the unwavering commitment of those involved in covert operations.

A mid-credits scene offers a glimpse of the future as Pathan and Tiger consider their roles in the ongoing battle against the threats. The narrative ends with a note of uncertainty, suggesting that the fight against espionage and terrorism remains an ongoing conflict, setting the stage for potential successors and future challenges in the clandestine world of “Pathan”.


  • Apni kursi ki peti baand lo, mausam bighadne wala hai
  • Ek soldier yeh nahi poochta desh ne uske liye kya kiya, poochta hai woh desh ke liye kya kar sakta hai
  • Party Pathaan ke ghar pe rakhoge, toh mehman nawazi ke liye Pathaan toh aayega, aur patake bhi layega
  • Hum na kisi maa ke ladle hai, na kisi ke baap ke naukar, apni marzi se kaam karte hai, apni keemat par
  • Joh patte milte hai unhi se baazi khelni padti hai, aur is baazi mein sare ikke mere haath mein hai
  • Science is easy, love is hard

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