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SRK Filmography
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Girish Jain Bhawar Jain


Abbas - Mustan


Neeraj Vora, Shyam Goel



Anu Malik


Sameer, Javed Akhtar


Anu Malik, ShahRukh Khan, Alka Yagnik

Screen Play

Neeraj Vora, Shyam Goel



Release Date: 27 August 1999

Action, Comedy, Crime, Romance, Thriller

Verdict: Average


Run Time: 2 Hours and 51 Minutes | 171 Mins

Baadshah is the tale of Raj(Shahrukh Khan), who is a small-time James Bond wannabe known, in a few circles, as Baadshah. Baadshah’s task consists of catching diamond smugglers and supporting an organized couple to make it to the altar. Twinkle Khanna plays Seema, a woman whose father (Avtar Gill) is dying. Seema’s father’s final desire is to see his daughter married to a person of his choice, for which he hires Baadshah.
Baadshah plans to woo Seema after which to interrupt her heart so that she will be able to hate him and marry her father. How he chooses to woo Seema, however, is truly silly, even for an Indian flick. But anyways, Baadshah succeeds in wooing Seema, however, falls for her himself, much to the father’s dismay. However, Baadshah recollects his responsibility and calls the romance quits. He betrays Seema and the affection tale, we assume, is over for now. Seema, meanwhile, is on a task with the CBI, seeking to arrest a fraud who’s after her money. Suspense and drama ensue. This was all about the overall plot of the story.


  • Kabhi kabhi dil jodne ke liye dil todna padta hai, aur dil todkar jodne waale ko pata nahi kya kehte hai Jinki zindagi choti hoti hai ... unhe bade bade vaade nahi karne chahiye.
  • Badshah ke paas badshah nahi aayega toh kya ghulam aayega.
  • Shandaar jagahon par jaana aur jaandaar logon se dosti karna ... mera shaunk hai Yeh aadmi hai ki mutton ki dukaan
https://youtu.be/_ChywBU14yE https://youtu.be/-9zIwMqavZo https://youtu.be/FTlRz2E_bbo https://youtu.be/40gJEXq1cUE https://youtu.be/nd_xICZ3Cwc
https://youtu.be/IFhCFNT25MY https://youtu.be/Ryf9f2Ohl74 https://youtu.be/2yg23DoGDUQ https://youtu.be/IyHIGBzNBHs https://youtu.be/BaVmYiV7nP4 https://youtu.be/Sgzxw7Byiao

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