Shah Rukh Khan’s First Film Dunki with Rajkumar Hirani’s Announcement Will Make You Crazy!

Get ready to witness the blockbuster duo: SRK & Raju Hirani!

For the first time, the most famous Indian director-actor duo, Rajkumar Hirani & Shah Rukh Khan will work together on a film.

The film’s title and photos were revealed in an attractive video on Tuesday (April 19, 2022), in which Rajkumar Hirani & Shah Rukh Khan act themselves in a fun conversation about them producing a film together.

Rajkumar Hirani started his dream production with Shah Rukh Khan after directing such box office and critically acclaimed hits as 3 Idiots, the Munnabhai series, PK, and Sanju.

This film is directed by Rajkumar Hirani and features Shah Rukh Khan & Tapsee Pannu, ‘Dunki’ was written by Hirani, Joshi, & Dhillon, and was produced by Hirani and Gauri Khan’s JIO Studios, Red Chillies Entertainment, and Rajkumar Hirani Films.

The preproduction on the film began in April of 2022 –

The director himself, Rajkumar Hirani, has confirmed the news, saying, “Throughout my journey, Shah Rukh Khan has constantly been on my wish list, and after trying to work multiple times in the past, we were ultimately destined to have ‘Dunki’ commemorate our cooperation.” SRK facts can’t wait to bring the excitement, charisma, humor, & charm that he always brings to a film to the big screen.

Shah Rukh Khan continued, “Raj Kumar Hirani is one of the best filmmakers of our time, we have always spoken of working together, and I am incredibly delighted we are finally doing it with ‘Dunki.'” This month marks the beginning of principal photography, and I am enjoying every minute of it. “For Raju’s sake, I’ll be a Donkey and a Monkey and see what happens.”

Tapsee Pannu, when asked about it, commented, “I am beyond eager to go on this adventure and be a part of this really important film. It’s an honor to work with Rajkumar Hirani & Shah Rukh Khan, two directors whose work I adore and respect.”

Although specifics about Hirani’s social comedy starring Shah Rukh Khan are being kept under wraps for the time being, it’s safe to say that the actor will be shown in a whole new light.

For their upcoming film Dunki, which is set to premiere on December 22, 2023, a master director and one of the world’s greatest stars have joined the team.

Dunki shooting will be in Dubai and Punjab –

Shah Rukh Khan went for the international shoot of Rajkumar Hirani’s Dunki shortly after wrapping up filming in Mumbai. He did some shooting there in London, then spent a month in Budapest, and is now back in India. Even though a major portion of the film has already been shot, we now have more information about the long-awaited collaboration between Shah Rukh Khan & Rajkumar Hirani. As far as we know, the remaining scenes for Dunki will be shooted in Mumbai, Punjab, & Dubai.

“Rajkumar Hirani has started post-production on” Dunki and is also preparing for the remaining schedules. The production team has not yet settled on a new start date for filming. But those arrangements are expected to be finalized quickly,” according to a report. While Hirani is filming Dunki, SRK has already begun filming Atlee Kumar’s Jawan.

Taapsee Pannu, SRK’s co-star in Dunki, gushed over him to Pinkvilla recently. I don’t know how to top the level of respect and awe I have for him. Aside from sharing a hometown, the actress had also admitted to feeling “a certain kinship” with him.

As of April of this year, Shah Rukh had already begun filming Dunki at the Filmcity studio in Mumbai. In a tweet, @hirani.rajkumar sir wrote, “Dear Santa Claus, I think you’re you. Please don’t waste my time and yours by rushing. the truth is that I’m all equipped with a rebuttal to that argument! I’m both honoured and eager to get started on our collaboration. SRK captioned the Instagram video, “Bringing to you all #Dunki in theatres on 22nd December 2023.

Moreover, he has wrapped production on Pathaan, starring Deepika Padukone & John Abraham and directed by Siddharth Anand.

The First Look at Shah Rukh Khan and Taapsee Pannu in their Upcoming Raju Hirani Film Has Gone Viral Online

Dunki’s Taapsee Pannu & Shah Rukh Khan have both made their first appearance in a set photo that has recently made its way online. Rajkumar Hirani’s film is the first time the stars have worked together.

The movie is now in production in the British capital. Shah Rukh Khan & Taapsee Pannu were spotted out and about in London in the recently released, unauthorized photo. There’s a bewildered look on SRK’s face as he kneels on one knee. A sack is in his grasp. However, Taapsee is smiling broadly and carrying a purse on her shoulder. The two of them appear to be embarking on an adventure together.

A few days after an up-close glimpse at Shah Rukh from the film leaked online, the image makes its way onto the internet. Shah Rukh Khan posed for the photo with his hair and makeup in disarray. Shah Rukh’s hair was a mess, and he was wearing a plaid shirt that was just partially tucked up. A group of people from the production crew surrounded the actor. Neither Taapsee nor Raju Hirani was present for the photo shoot.

Reportedly, Shah Rukh Khan, Taapsee Pannu, & director Rajkumar Hirani would’ve been jetting off to London and Europe to film. According to rumors, Dunki follows a young Punjabi man as he makes his way to Canada. It has been reported that cross-border immigration is a major plot point in this film. The film’s premiere date in theatres is set for 22 December 2023. Gauri Khan, Shahrukh Khan’s wife, is also involved in the making of this movie.

Shah Rukh is working on not one, but two additional films in addition to Dunki. Pathaan, starring Deepika Padukone & John Abraham, and Atlee’s Jawan, starring Nayanthara, are two examples. All three films will debut in theatres that same year (2023). It has been announced that Pathaan will be released in January, Jawan will be released in June, and Dunki will be released in December.

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