The Journey From Shahrukh Khan to King Khan

He came, he saw and he conquered the World, take a bow, King Khan!

SRK to King Khan

Who doesn’t know about SRK today? The world has accepted him as the most versatile actor and gentleman of this era. But do you know how it became possible for a person who just entered Bollywood, to have nothing except a boyish charm and a far-fetched dream? Only some imagined that his life would change including changing the whole of Bollywood.
Now as we are moving further I must include that yes I am a true hopeless SRK fan! But one doesn’t need to be a true fan to acknowledge his contribution to Indian Cinema. From DDLJ (1995) to Swades (2003) this man is consistent in giving masterpieces. Over the years his fame is just phenomenal! He is a global brand by now. Some believe that SRK is undeserving due to his recent choices of films and they can quote he is a ‘has-been’ and it doesn’t even bother much because when you give your best in 30 years there are people who can appreciate that 30 years as 300 years. And this is what makes Khan’s job the toughest. Everyone can become an actor but only are few can be called Marvel and so is our King Khan. A man with so much delicacy and so much intelligence over the years he has respected every person as well as his work so well. A person can work in a particular field for years but only those can be known to give their heart to them.

It was never easy for him to keep this consistency in his life but today his life teaches us a lot of lessons. At some point, he has to make certain choices for his career he always showed the right way of entertaining. He could have stuck to scripts that are only historical which work for him including running around in the fields of Punjab and sweeping various women off their feet ( mostly Kajol ) but Khan chose to explore. Yes, it was not a very successful choice but it needs the courage to think in this way where you have to also face failures like Ra. One, Zero but at this point also refuses to stagnate. For three spent in front of the camera but never stop evolving. His connection with fame was hitched after the success of his TV debut Fauji in 1989. Back then he was just twenty-something having an average look along with sincerity with work which was felt in his very first movie Deewana in 1992.

Touching heights so early in his career he was never afraid to experiment with every section of the world called Bollywood. At a time when the male characters need to be tough masculine and Street smart, our beloved Khan won hearts by being childlike and naive. From playing the role of the gullible boy in Chamatkar and Raju Ban Gaya Gentleman to a villain in Baazigar and Darr he never failed to win our hearts. Being the king of hearts of the girls by giving timeless like Kabhi Haan Kabhi Na, DDLJ where Raj came into our lives and swayed it off. He may be remembered most for his romantic spices but Khan also delivered some of his most inspiring performances in movies that fill our heartstrings differently. From being the scientist in Swades to the most talented coach of the women’s national hockey team in Chak de! India also gave speechless outrage there. How can we even forget about the second part of Don, like a movie by a blockbuster superstar of another generation, Mr. Bachchan was also marvelous.

Mostly attempting to recreate the magic of romantic hits like Dilwale, and Jab Tak Hai Jaan is that Khan is no longer the Raj/Aman/Rahul that he used to be. But movies like Fan, Dear Zindagi, and My name is Khan proved he is much more. He is now an actor, an artist with a boyish chan as well as an unbreakable spirit. Today, King Khan is a name that is popular not only in India but worldwide. This is possible only because of his unbreakable gentle nature. No random controversies or any kind of scam that man is a whole definition of the word Perfect!

As he will be turning 57 this year his enthusiastic soul is not at rest yet. He always continues to celebrate the promise that he made to the film industry and the entire world. By having a supportive and brilliant family who always supported him in every success as well. He proved to the nation that he is capable of becoming King Khan through his talent and unbreakable nature. Not everyone can become a gem because it takes a lot of effort to continue the same nature without even changing. By this, we can end that not everyone can become King Khan!

Written by Team Shah Rukh Khan

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