The Dream Come True Love Story of SRK and Gauri Khan

A match made in heaven – Shah Rukh Khan and Gauri Khan

SRK Gauri Dream Come True Love Story

Khan was the epitome of a romantic crush for the young people of the 1990s – with his intoxicating voice, dimpled smile, and unbridled charm. He is every girl’s desire, wish and dream. His charm was greater than his strength, his mind more important than his physique. When it comes to romance, he is a sort of inspiration. Romance is certainly his forte!

As he is romantic in movies, he is in real life too. It is a memorable love story if you know how he met and fell in love with Gauri Khan. As a husband and father today, he is dedicated and devoted. His love story is quite a tale and a bit Bollywood-type.

Let’s know it.

Shah Rukh Khan’s love story

In addition to being one of the most inspiring and stable couples in Bollywood, Shah Rukh and Gauri’s love story has endured many tests. Gauri Khan and Shah Rukh Khan have been married for three decades, and their union has been a dream come true. Shah Rukh Khan and Gauri Khan‘s love story was truly magical, especially in an era when marriages tend to lose their charm and couples struggle greatly to stay together.

When Shah Rukh Khan turned 18, he met Gauri Khan who was 14 years old at the time and fell in love with her. During a party hosted by a common friend, Shah Rukh Khan first saw Gauri Chhibber in 1984. Due to his shyness, Shah Rukh was unable to ask Gauri to dance with him because she was dancing with another boy. When he asked Gauri on a date, she rejected him by saying that she was waiting to see her boyfriend, who she wasn’t interested in asking. He felt shattered but he later got to know that there was no boyfriend and it was her brother. In no time, this teen romance turned into something mushy.

This young couple’s relationship was not as smooth as they’d hoped. By nature, Shah Rukh was a very possessive man. As soon as Gauri realized she needed a break from the relationship, she decided to cut it off. Her friends sent her to Mumbai without telling him. He was also given a gift of ten thousand rupees to help him out by Shahrukh’s mother, who told him he should go after his love. The only place he found her was on a beach after a very frantic search. While in each other’s arms, Shah Rukh and Gauri met eyes and began to cry. Shah Rukh and Gauri agreed to get married that day when they realized that they could not live alone.

Their religious differences proved to be the greatest obstacle to their relationship, which they showed little concern for. Shahrukh belonged to a Muslim family and Gauri belonged to a Hindu family. Their relationship was obviously not approved by her parents. In addition to Shah Rukh’s religious considerations, the parents saw their own daughter as being young, immature, and unsettled. In order to convince Gauri’s parents of their love and their seriousness for each other, Shah Rukh and Gauri tried everything they could. It was only through the blessing of Gauri’s parents that Shah Rukh was able to obtain Gauri’s hand for marriage.

In 1991, a memorable and beautiful wedding took place on October 25th. The wedding suit reportedly belonged to Shah Rukh Khan, which was taken from the set of “Raju Ban Gaya Gentleman”. They now lead a happy life.

For their honeymoon, Shahrukh said that he will take Gauri to Paris but he tricked her and took her to Darjeeling since he was poor at that time. Since Gauri, at that time didn’t go to a foreign country so she didn’t know anything about Paris hence, Sharukh’s plan was a success.

This was the beautiful SRK and Gauri love story.


  1. When did Shahrukh khan got married? When did SRK marry?

Ans – The Shahrukh khan marriage date is 25th October. On this day the power couple tied the knot of the wedding and the bells rang.

  1. At what age did Shahrukh khan got married?

Ans – The age at which he got married was 25 years old. Before stepping foot into the Bollywood world, Shah Rukh Khan married Gauri Khan, the love of his life.

  1. Who is Shahrukh Khan’s wife?

Ans – It is very known to us that Shahrukh Khan’s wife is Gauri Khan, the interior designer, and producer.


The SRK love story is very well known to all but some facts were yet unknown. So, the above-written story contains all the information. He continues to love his wife Gauri Khan despite the passage of time. With over three decades of being together, this couple has overcome every obstacle together. It has transcended into their professional lives as well as their chemistry and understanding. So, if you want to have a love life, have it like SRK, totally filmy and romantic.

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