The King Size Lifestyle of Shah Rukh Khan

SRK’s #1 lifestyle, family, house, cars…

King Size Lifestyle of SRK

Shahrukh khan, aka SRK, is a man who has achieved everything the film industry has to offer, Money, fame, and respect. He is one of the wealthiest actors in India and throughout the world. There was no stopping for ShahRukh khan after his movie “Dil Aashna hai”. The fortune of millions and millions of dollars sure seems to be tempting.

This blog post will elaborate on the lavish king-size lifestyle that he built for himself through talent itself. This blog will help you motivate yourself with the lifestyle of Shahrukh Khan so that you can also dream and achieve everything as our hero did.


Father- Taj Mohammad khan

Mother- Latif Fatima khan

Sister- Shehnaz Lalarukh khan

Wife- Gauri khan

Children – Aryan Khan, Suhana Khan, AbRam Khan.

Income sources

Interestingly, Shahrukh Khan’s income has nothing to do with his acting fee. Most of the money he makes is from brand endorsements, promotions, ads, investments, etc. So he has a diversified income stream for a stable inflow of Money. He was a brand ambassador for Dubai’s tourism companies.

Favorite rides of Shahrukh Khan

Shahrukh ـــ Mitsubishi Pajero/BMW

A BMW alongside a Mitsubishi Pajero records as an undisputed fav, Shahrukh, owned a number of vehicles after he accomplished his success. At the same time, the BMW spells his status as a star. It is the vehicle he rides while going around in Mumbai nowadays. He has Bentley, various BMW, Bugatti, and Rolls Royce cars, and many more to match his excellence. He also has a customized vanity van that carries ShahRukh khan to all his shooting sights.

Insides and Decor

Shah Rukh Khan’s spacious palatial bungalow at Bandra Bandstand, known as ‘Mannat,’ is a true beauty. His beloved wife Gauri designed the six-story high home worth Rs 200 crores.

Unblemished Makrana marble flooring is perhaps the earliest thing that strikes you on going into his home. Ruler Khan’s number one spot in his royal residence is the entertainment area. He messes around with his children and watches films. Yeah, he likes watching movies and tries to watch at least one a day.

Clothing of Shahrukh khan

Shahrukh Khan Is Jean’s person. He loves matching them off with woven shirts. He enjoys having an energetic vibe about his garments, and in this manner, he stays off from suits and coats. Star-like Shahrukh Khan has even become a brand choice for incredibly famous brands like Omega.

Since the beginning, Gauri has been taking care of Shahrukh’s Fashion wear. It’s to her credit that I keep trying out new designs, keeping in tune with the latest trends,” said  Shahrukh.

Gadgets for entertainment

Shahrukh is a Movie neurotic and needs to watch one film a day in the entertainment room inside his home. His favorite brand is the one he is collaborating with nowadays, Videocon. While marking the underwriting deal, ShahRukh let its creators know he has a special bond with Videocon.

When he initially came to Bombay(Mumbai) from New Delhi, the primary significant belonging he conveyed was a Videocon TV gifted to him by his late mother. A similar tv has a pride spot in his home even today.

What’s more, extending loyalties to the future, we have his child Aryan’s room also graced with a Videocon Plasma TV, on which Aryan plays his Favorites video games.

Nakamichi is likewise a famous brand of ShahRukh and he owns an expert system of the Nakamichi home theater system. Besides the home theatre, the other gadget is his journal PC. Shahrukh is constantly connected with his fans when he’s in the shooting sights because of his laptop. Shahrukh also has a Handycam, with which he has caught plenty of excellent snapshots of his child’s growing up days, and is his most recent closest companion.

Fine Dining

Who can eat upwards of 13 eggs per day? Try to beat that! Shahrukh Khan, Of course, never gives you down access to any division and admits that his #1 food is Tandoori Chicken. I request roasted chicken or something that tastes like it any place I go, be it Thai, Italian, or Chinese café.


Shahrukh, The Baadshah, has nearly worked with 25 organizations and brands as their promotor. “I’ve been doing advertisements right from my pre-film ‘Fauji‘ and ‘Dil Dariya‘ days, the first in Mumbai for Tata Tea assisted me with purchasing my most memorable house,” illuminates SRK. Over here, the greater the movie producer, the lesser he pays you. So doing advertisements is the most effective way of having the option to do the film I like, so I don’t think twice about my work. I bring in my cash through promotions and shows, not movies.

Travel And Holidays

Shahrukh Khan ـــ New York

Shahrukh never goes without wifey Gauri and children Aryan, Suhana, and AbRam. His Favorite city is New York, Which obviously, gives him tons of choices for revealing his obsession with designer clothes, fragrances, and beauty care products.

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